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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Image selection input please? :-)

Ok. I shot an image series with London Andrews a few months ago.
IMO there're a few really solid images in this set. I don't necessarily want 3 or 4 different images that're just slightly different poses or framing in my book & I'm having trouble deciding which image out of the 37 in the series is THE one.
I shot these raw+jpg, these're all the jpgs unretouched except to resize.

What I'd like to do is select the single best image and make a print of it, possibly edited in a style like one of these three:

I may take a few more & use them for a collage concept but there again I only want the strongest images.

So, assuming there's anyone brave enough to dig thru 37 of them, here's the set:

I'd like to know which images, in order, you think are the 4 or 5 strongest and if you're feeling adventurous which're the 4 or 5 weakest.
Please let me know by file number. :) I'm really just looking for "best/worst" rather than a detailed analysis of each.

All the images are NSFW for nudity. I appreciate the time & input. :)

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