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Monday, January 5, 2009

My child-molesting stalker's been caught.

So, my whacko stalker who turned out to be an incestuous child molester/pornographer (as seen here) has been captured.

The fucknut was hiding in a hotel when local cops & federal marshals showed up and he got the bright idea to try & play Donkey Kong IRL by climbing down 6 floors with of balconies to try & get away. Of course the cops just stood around on the ground and waited for him, then arrested him.

He's in jail, bail set at $925,000. I doubt he's going anywhere. Between the feds looking at the guys who tun his website & demands his lawyer's likely to make his website should be gone soon.

New reports:
Accused child porn fugitive caught
achived here

Child Porn Suspect Arrested After Scaling Hotel
46-Year-Old Taken Into Custody After Climbing Down Balconies

archived here


Child Porn Suspect Arrested
This one mentions that in some of Kristy's videos of sex with other adults her child can be seen watching in the background.
archived here

Child Porn Suspect Captured
Damn, apparently he had chest pains so they got him medical treatment. Maybe he'll drop dead & save taxpayers trial expenses.
archived here

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