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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The story of my stalker can finally be told

*NOTE: Been shooting a lot of new pics lately & those will be updated but I felt it was important to the photo community to share this. Unfortunately it's more of the crap that gives us all a black eye.

So, if you read my personal journal, off & on for the last few months you guys might've noticed me mentioning my stalker. This's a LONG post, but well worth reading as it gets in to SERIOUSLY Jerry Springer territory AND there's a $10,000 reward possible. I haven't talked too much about it 'cause I didn't want to give the asshat any additional publicity while I pursued legal action & got some of the other parties involved in doing so. But in light of the news I got New Year's Day, I can explain. :-D

In September of 2006 over on Model Mayhem I got in to a dispute with a "model" named Kristylynn on a thread where we were discussing models bringing escorts to shoots. The escort issue is a VERY touchy one in the community, and this thread serves to show why.
If you want to read it, it starts here:
There's some excellent comedy there. It goes on for a NUMBER of pages, and part way thru a man representing himself as her husband started posting under her name. Keep in mind that they went back & edited the contents of several of those posts, you can see most of what they actually said where others quoted them.

It's important to note here, for reasons that will become clear, that Kristy & Alton were INSISTING on escorts for models, saying photographers who didn't allow them were certainly rapists, and other such typical BS comments whereas my friends & I were advocating a due-diligence based safety stance and noting that escorts are often just not a good idea]. That was the whole basis if the fight.

During the course of the debate it got VERY heated & personal. We all started googling Alton & Kristy and found out some VERY interesting things, like that he was pimping her in a deal where you paid $300 for a "photo session" that consisted of having sex with her while Alton took pictures, that they were offering her services as a Domme, and that apparently they'd fled Texas to get married when Kristy was 16. I should stress that at the time in question Alton was 44 & Kristy was 23. You do the math. They also had a 5 year old kid.

Alton got VERY pissed about us discovering these things & bringing them up, in addition to his NUMEROUS violations of copyright law, poor photography skills, the fact that he was running an unlicensed agency, and more. I guess he didn't realize that if you piss people off on the 'net they'll find these things if you're dumb enough to make them public.

His brilliant retort consisted of finding the phone numbers of those of us from the thread who had them publicly available and calling us to threaten our lives. Since I'd tagged (like a MySpace comment) Kristy's profile with a "hello" when she joined the site he also started trying to claim this was all me persecuting them because I'd asked her for a shoot & she'd said "no." In reality there'd never been any communication beyond that "hello" tag. After making several calls to out of state people, he began incessantly calling me. Like every 5-10 minutes for a couple of hours. This started between 2 & 3 AM.

Now most of the folks he was calling were in other states & they all kind of laughed about it. I live less than 45 minutes from him, tho, and work in the area all the time. So I took the prudent step of calling the cops. I POSTED in the ongoing thread TELLING him I was doing so. Not only did he continue his attacks in the thread, he kept making the calls. When the local cops showed up at my door I explained the situation, and showed them the postings on the web site. At this point Alton called AGAIN and the cop listened in to the stream of threats & obscenities.

After about 2 minutes the cop cut Alton off & identified himself. Alton proceeded to start cursing at the cop & insisting that he was lying about being a police officer. The officer gave Alton his badge # and name and told Alton he should call to verify it. Then the officer hung up. Alton IMMEDIATELY called back, and the officer answered. Alton went in to another stream of invective, and the cop hung up again. At that point the guys at the police station (notified by the cops on scene via radio) called Alton & that put an end to the calls. I also informed the officer about the prostitution issue & gave him verifiable evidence about it.

Alton finished off the night by posting a bunch of private info on the guy who ran Model Mayhem, and that person's family. That got him & Kristy permabanned & those posts were deleted, but not before Alton had a chance to tr to edit or alter much of what he'd said. Those of us who took part in it all had a laugh and I figured that was the end of it. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few months after the whole incident I found out about Alton's website: . Warning, that site is NSFW and it WILL give you a headache, as well as maybe locking up your computer... its design is EYEBLEEDINGLY bad and stuffed with more clashing backgrounds, mismatched fonts, and blinking GIFs than a vintage 1997 GeoCities page.

More specifically, I found out about the "Photographer's Hall of Shame" section of the site, . Seems that Alton used it as his "enemies" list and anyone who pissed him off got listed there as someone who rapes models. Several of the people from that thread were added to the list. I spoke to his ISP but they're a small privately run concern and it turned out the owners were friends with Alton & Kristy so they wouldn't do anything. A lawyer told me I'd have little luck doing anything about it.

I let it slide and put it on the back burner. Turns out that Alton & Kristy were monitoring MM's forums, and every so often their names & their site would come up. Whenever that happened they would add to my section and the sections of others who were talking about them. He actually linked to several MM threads and copied large sections of them to post. ONCE during the intervening 2 1/2 years he got pissed about an MM thread and called me again at 5 AM. I answered the first time, told him I was going to record the call, turn off my phone, go back to bed, and go to the police when I woke up. He didn't call back.

The part on ME kept growing, with excerpts from my profiles on several websites being added, links to my personal site and my Lj going up, etc. He also included some charming lies and COMPLETE BS statements that were shown to be a lie by his OWN COMMENTS, like his claiming that the only way to contact me was via a hotmail address followed immediately by an e-mail to my web domain... which has PUBLIC hosting info, including a phone number! You know, the same phone number he claims isn't available anywhere!

Now during this time frame I'd stopped mentioning them by name and wasn't posting the link to his site. It's a pretty obscure site and he has NO idea how to build searchability, so searches for my name & my business name didn't turn up his site at all. Kinda hurts his ability to smear if no one SEES it. Along the way here he also added me, John Jebbia (one of the others he called to threaten & who has a big part on his site), and a few others to some adult industry blacklist websites, which's funny since I don't work in the adult industry.

Occasionally I'd hear from Alton & Kristy. She'd join a new model site and send me a nasty message before she got banned there (Alton & Kristy kept getting kicked off sites for things like advocating prostitution or running an illegal agency, then they'd add the sites to their hit lists), or I'd get a nasty note on MySpace, or a reference to the situation would happen on Model Mayhem & I'd get a charming e-mail like this: "READ THE NEW LINK AND TRY TO TAKE MY HOME ONLY N YOUR DREAMS" with links to BS on his site and photos of his home.

At those times I'd check in & see what was being added to the site. I also talked to a LOT of people in the community about the situation and heard a LOT more dirt about them, including accusations of them shooting adult stuff with 16 & 17 year old girls, physical threats against models, blackmail & theft of equipment from other models thru scams like getting them to shoot someone underage with a fake ID, etc.

About 2-3 months ago the pitch of the harassment increased, and they found my LJs. They left several hate filled comments on various posts, which were screened. I checked back on the site and found they were actively keeping up with my life, noting, for instance, that I'd left my last job. At this point I found out that in addition to the two huge sections on the main "Hall of Shame" page (if you look at it, the stuff about me starts midway down on the left, goes on in a column there, is interrupted by stuff about another photographer, then goes on again) they gave me MY OWN PAGE:
He supplemented that with a page using part of a safety guide for models I'd helped assemble:

Again, both pages are full of lies & inaccuracies, including a reference to a child molester who has the same name as me. Of course, anyone clicking on the news links to that story would see that the guy he's talking about is half my age and lives in WALES. A place I've never even VISITED. He also stole several of my copyrighted stories from and posted them, apparently feeling that describing consensual BDSM activities between adults meant I was eager to rape women. He also stole the entire text AND the photos from a couple of newspaper articles on polyamory that I appeared in.

At the same time he'd posted on his main page a legal notice from one of the other photographers, including scans of the letters from the attorneys, and he was poo-pooing it but it was a serious legal threat. I started taking steps to bring new action based on his copyright violations, and to bring in the legal beagles from the news organizations he stole from since they have MUCH bigger budgets than I. I figured enough legal action at once might bring the site down.

SQUICK WARNING: Some VERY graphic discussion of a disturbing nature involving children occurs beyond this point! It may be a triggering issue for abuse victims!

So with all this history & all this percolating I woke up on New Year's Day and went to Model Mayhem's forums & I found this thread:
This's where we really go down the rabbit hole.

It seems that after several YEARS of people bitching at the cops in their areas to DO something they FINALLY looked in to Kristy's side business peddling her ass. They set up a sting & busted Alton and Kristy for prostitution & solicitation. They were released on $500 each bond. But this led the cops to search the home. Seems Alton's studio, which he bragged about a great deal & had continued to picture and advertise on his website, had closed in early 2007. So all their business was being run out of the home.

And what, my dear and long suffering readers, do you think they FOUND on Alton's hard drives & discs when they checked his computer? Alton, the promoter of escorts, defender of model safety, protector of women & children from vile rapists & human traffickers?
LOTS of child pornography. Child pornography that THEY appeared in. Pornography with Kristy doing people of various ages while her kid is visible in the background. Alton directly molesting children as young as 8.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! You see, Alton & Kristy & their son were not the only residents of the home. Also living there was 43 y/o Tina Smith, who told the cops (and who'd been introduced this way to all the neighbors) that she was Alton's sister. (Side note, at this point Alton is 45 & Kristy's 25, their kid is 7.) Tina ALSO appears in the kiddie porn with the kids & with Alton.

Here's where you can all let the chants of "JERRY!! JERRY!!" really fly. It turns out Tina is NOT Alton's sister. She's his WIFE. They were married in 1995. But wait, I hear you saying, isn't KRISTY Alton's wife? That's certainly how they DESCRIBED themselves on various websites, including on swingers' sites where they advertised as a couple, or BDSM sites where they offered to do sex acts. Certainly a photographer I know who'd been hired to film Kristy performing oral sex on Alton had known them as husband & wife, despite the 20 year age difference & the aforementioned fact that they described her running away with Alton at 16 from Texas.

So if Alton & Tina, his erstwhile "sister," are married, WHO is Kristy? Well, to go along with the "Daddy's Girl" tattoo on her right ass cheek, it turns out that Kristy is Alton's DAUGHTER. Yes. You heard me. Not adopted, not his step daughter, his BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER. Tina's her stepmother, Tina & Alton got married when Kristy was 10 or 11. Yet Kristy & Alton have been living together as man & wife, with Tina under the same roof, for years. And having sex in front of witnesses. Kristy's kid has been introduced as Alton's. I don't know if that's TRUE, but the child is autistic & developmentally impaired which can be, of course, a sign of an incestuous relationship (no one go bonkers, I'm not saying autism in general is linked to incest). Everyone say it with me now... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so my 2009 opens with the discovery that the people that've been stalking & harassing me and trying to defame & harm me for 2 1/2 years are a bunch of incestuous inbreed pedophile child pornographers. The upshoot of all this being that Tina Smith is in jail for possession of child pornography with a bail of $900,000. Kristy was arrested for child neglect for failing to register her child for school & is out on $100,000 bond. She hasn't been charged in the kiddie porn stuf yet, but that will undoubtedly occur. And Alton is on the run from state & federal authorities who're pursuing him for the kiddie porn charges. He owns a small sail boat (named "Kristylynn") & they think he fled down the Intracoastal Waterway & that he might make a break for the Bahamas (tho it's questionable if his boat would make it). There's some confusion in the stories, as some of the reports make it sound like Kristy is WITH Alton & is also being sought & others make it sound like he's the only on on the run. There's a $10,000 reward if you spot him. If you guys know anyone in the Daytona area with kids please have them read the news stories, the cops are trying to find all the kids who were abused.

Given the public exposure of Alton & family's criminal enterprises I no longer care if people know about that website. Clearly nothing he has to say about anyone is credible. I would imagine the site will be coming down at some point soon at his attorneys' urging. Alternatively, if the suspicions some of us have about the people running the host for the site prove true, the Feds will be visiting them and the Feds will probably remove it. If nothing else when the domain expires next summer Alton will be too busy in court, jail, or on the run to do much about it. :-)

Speaking of the cops, I called the police investigating to tell them all about the death threats, the online stalking, the documented evidence of their criminal prostitution activity going back to 2006, etc. Several of the other photographers & models he'd messed with have also gone to the cops. I'd be very shocked, once this's prosecuted, if he ever gets out of jail. This isn't just a major case of possession of kiddie porn with intent to distribute, he was actually MAKING it. Assuming his sentence isn't longer than his lifespan, he won't be too popular in prison.

Here's the tombstone Alton posted at the bottom of the page he dedicated to me:

And here's what happens to people who behave like Alton & his family... Mugshots:
Alton: Kristy: Tina:
Justice seems to have finally caught up with these world class scumbags. I hope Alton is caught soon and raped twice in prison for each child he hurt.

Additional junk:
Kristy's Myspace: (sorry black guys, she notes that she does porn but not with coloreds)

Kristy's ModelCoast page & Purestorm (primarily UK based photographer networking) page got pulled yesterday, I imagine they're watching the news, but here're archive links:
(if those caches are dead let me know. I have snapshots I can link.)

Pat Yuen has a great blog post about this here:

Here's the story from MSNBC:
archived here

From the Daytona Beach News-Journal:
archived here

Video from the local NBC affiliate:

Video from the local CBS affiliate:

Followup on Kristy's arrest from the NBC affiliate:
archived here

Most recent from Central Florida News 13:
archived here

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