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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've been busy.

Yeah, I know I need to post more. Been busy at the "real job" then went to Convergence with my sweetie Laura and got to shoot some cool steampunk with TheStitchWitch (pics forthcoming) as well as some product stuff with a few of the vendors. Isabella Corsetry gave me 3 corsets to shoot & if they like my work they're going to do it more often.

While I was there I got to do a shoot with the lovely Engel Schrei that I have been DYING to do FOREVER.
Exodus 3:2

That's not special effects or photoshop. She grew her pubes out for 2 months & I set her on fire. I consulted experts before I did that & I had a safety crew on hand, don't try this at home.

I got home from Convergence and busted ass at work for a couple of days AND worked on setting up a workshop event, then rushed to Fetish Con. I worked in the Dungeon every night & shot as much as I could during the day. I shot a TON of stuff, here's some of the first of it.

A classic art nude with the lovely Jetta Luna, "Fading Light":

And being that it was FetCon we had to shoot some bondage.
So here's "Slavery is Freedom" with a rope dress by Lady Karena (modeled again by Jetta).

If you can't see the "T" at the top of the Kanji, your monitor's too dark.

So that's about it, I have a shit ton to edit and the workshop's next weekend. There should be more pics & edits coming soon.

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