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For now please see more on the linked photo sites. You can see an even more primitive version of my website (with pictures!!) here: SilverLight Esoterica Photography (old page)

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There is a South Florida photographer using the name "SLE Inc" that works in Adult Content. There is no relation and no connection to James Glendinning, Silver Light Esoterica Photography and SLEPhoto.



Who I Am


My name's James Glendinning. I'm primarily an artistic & fetish photographer based in Annapolis, Maryland with frequent trips all over the east coast & occasionally further.

I have been operating under the name "SilverLight Esoterica Photography" (SLE Photo or SLE Photography for short) since 1989.  While I still work in film, as of early 2006 I made the shift to primarily digital work.

As noted elsewhere, this page is very outdated & not currently being updated, an all new site is coming soon. Meanwhile check some of the linkes sites to reach me and see more of my work.


What I Do


My focus is on creating work designed to be showcased in large prints. I exhibit in galleries & shows around the southeast US. I do much of my work on a trade basis, offering a variety of looks and styles for the model's portfolio in exchange for images I can use in my shows. I enjoy working with new models and helping them develop beginning portfolios thru TFP/CD arrangements to better their careers and my artwork. I'm here for the love, not the money, so send me some feedback!  That's not to say I OBJECT to money, and I am starting to do more commercial projects for wine & spirits ads and fetish catalogs.


Contact Me



I can be reached by e-mail: James (at) SLEPhoto (dot) com.


Where to find more


You can see more of my work on:





At the moment I am seeking African-American, Latina, and Asian models to fill gaps in my portfolio.


Ongoing projects I am seeking models for include:

  • A bondage/fetish Tarot deck
  • A retro "Perils of Pauline" set (Karena, frequent contributor to, will be rigging for these)
  • A Goddesses of Mythology series
  • A body art mural where I am "building" life sized front/back/side views of a man & woman based on photos of their body art
  • Some manga/hentai inspired images...Anyone know where to find a horny giant squid? (Ok, that was sort of a joke)




  • As with much of the rest of the site, this list is outdated. I can provide dozens of references on request, and many credits can be seen in my linked photo profiles.
  • I often shoot with PhotoCat Productions. She's on MM, # 35619, as well as OMP # 108659.
  • I just shot 2 solo sets with Shurya MM# 201914 and a set with her & Susi MM # 271 at DragonCon 2006. They were both great to work with and put up with heat & rough conditions for an outstanding shoot.
  • I have shot Siren Minuet MM#76646 a number of times, she's one of my favorite models.
  • We worked with Tara Michelle MM#68449, she's terrific & we made great images & hope to work with her again.
  • I have assisted Bloodlust Queen MM#74704 with her website content & hope to do a formal shoot with her in 2006.
  • We shot with Epiphany MM#2680 as part of the Tampa ModelMayham meet, we got a lot of great photos
  • I frequently collaborate with Spellbound Soul MM # 33927, Gothic Merle MM# 100713, and Craig Seay MM # 22876 (The Terrible Trio!).
  • I've shot Tiffany MM # 85778, she's great to work with.


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Unfortunately this page never came together as planned but a new & improved page is coming soon.  Until then, I have established some temporary galleries HERE and a model index with photo pages HERE.


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