SilverLight Esoterica Photography

By James Glendinning

is currently down for reconstruction.


Annapolis, Md/Orlando, Fl based photographer.


I am the original SLEPhotography / SLE Photography / SLEPhoto / SLE Photo, operating under that name since 1986.

There are others out there claiming the name SLEPhotography, they are not the real thing.


Sadly, hackers attacked my site and wrecked the code.  I am going to have to start from scratch, and it’s going to take a bit.

In the meantime, you can view my work and find me on social media at the following places:


Large gallery of my work, frequently updated, and organized by category on DeviantArt

(please note some of this is 18+/nsfw and will be behind an age gate)

Jump to: Collaborative digital art, Fashion/Commercial/Beauty, Artistic portraits, Cosplay, Events, Birds/Animals/Bugs, Nature/Landscapes/Cityscapes,

Abandoned/UrbEx/Decay, Art nudes, Bondage/Fetish (warning, some suggestive content), Horror (warning, graphic gore), Collage/Digital Manips,

Erotica (warning, sexually suggestive content), Fantasy/Surreal, Modern glamour/pinup, Classic style cheesecake/pinup, Body paint, Humor (some NSFW)


Social media:
(business page) – Instagram (warning, also has cat photos) – Twitter – Tumblr (note, contains politics, fandom, more cats, etc)